BTC is strongly supported by binance smart chain wallet — Guide to Add Binance Chain Wallet? Bitcoin Millennium


Bitcoin Millennium is the Blockchain cryptocurrency of the new decentralized finance platform for the global community.

Our researching team has developed a new blockchain pioneering at present and in the future, which help process and decode block quickly, highly secure and low-cost, providing a great experience in transactions. Besides that, it legalizes transactions to be simpler and more convenient than ever.

To join us, you need to create a Binance Chain Wallet.

Guide to Add Binance Chain Wallet:

- Download your Wallet:

- Add to Chrome

- Add Contract Address: 0x8ad3f82DBC532A2aE570A30E125be82A3C1B431c

Wish you have a great experience with Bitcoin Millennium.

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Bitcoin Millennium Information:

Project: Bitcoin Millennium

Token Name: BITCOIN

Token Symbol: BTC

Contract Address: 0x93bd72ec06d1c31a4f9a6f1e683993629b4dac1d

Decimals: 18

Max Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000

Network: BEP20

Platform: Binance Smart Chain



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